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We can help you update and stay at par with latest technology !


Why Cactus ?

We deliver precise strategic thinking and Creative direction that can turn your concept from vision to reality. The main core of our strategy is to satisfy our customer's needs and requirements. We can help you update and stay at par with latest technology !

We are not just another creative agency , we are a complete solution to your branding problems. We offer high end branding , graphic ,gaming, web application as well as web development services . We are driven by an exciting creative atmosphere that encourages out of the box thinking which results in innovative and effective answers to all your corporate branding needs......






We lead to your Creative Needs



Corporate Identity

Print Design

HTML 5 Web



Multimedia Presentations

2D / 3D Animations

Mobile Apps


Corporate Films

100% Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a Web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

html5 & css3

HTML5 specially designed to deliver rich content without the need for additional plugins. This version delivers everything from animation to graphics, music to movies, and can also be used to build complicated web applications.


Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components.

JQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a HTML5-based user interface system. It is a touch-optimized web framework. The development focuses on creating a framework compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and tablet computers.


In the world of digital graphics & web, programmers achieve parallax scrolling in different ways. One involves creating different layers that will move at uneven speeds when rendered in a browser or other viewer.

Clean Coding

We do clean and sharp coding. Our developers understands how to keep your website lightweight so it loads faster. Lighter website, faster loading, easier to approach your client.

A Life line to the Outside World

Web design has come a long way since its inception. These days, the factors controlling the design of web sites are much more technical, with many considerations including search engine optimization, accessibility, dynamic content management and so forth.

A "corporate identity" is a concept that groups everything that makes your business unique. And a professionally designed corporate identity results in a much profitable marketing: a cohesive look that makes your business unique, highlights your strong points and conveys a clear and convincing message. Also , We offer creative advertising campaigns that are unique , minimalistic and designed attract the masses. Thus , we strive to offer a complete presentation of your product/business from a new perspective which ,in turn , attracts the mass population.

Corporate Identity

A strong corporate identity is a key factor that distinguishes your company from the rest.

Print Design

You don’t need to describe a company or a product if its brochure speaks for itself.

Your Product, Our Presentation

We establish your brand by learning all about your product, demographic and vision. We then create that identity by unifying specific colours, graphics, and typefaces to increase your brand recognition.

Yes, We Love Your Smart Phones Too

Our programmers and designers have in depth knowledge of OS framework, Mac OS X framework and iPhone simulators. Our expert programmers are specialized in building iphone application development, iPhone website development and iPhone programming.

We are proficient in building iPhone application related to :

  • Office and business application
  • Multimedia application
  • Internet application
  • Games
  • Utility applications
  • Fun applications
  • Language conversion
  • Educational games

2D / 3D Animations

Every animation, 2D or 3D ,adds life to every cell of the concept. Right from layout design to the completion of the same, an animation gives color and attraction to your presentation. They can be an integral part in your presentation, profile or any deomonstration and can also stand independently explaining things in a lively fashion.

What is 2D Animation?

2D Animation involves complete story boarding right from every scene of the animation, background design, character design and cell animation having a precise frame-to-frame animation. It also involves perfect voice synching and flow of the animation with any background music involved.

What is 3D Animation?

3D Animation brings life to a thing that does not exist in the world yet. Not just as models but also speaking your language and dancing to your tunes. With the right story board, good models, clear animation and enthralling music, an animation movie can create a huge impact on a viewer’s mind in a few minutes.

Your Imagination Brought to Life

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and by the charms of pleasure of the moment, so blinded by desire, that they cannot foresee the pain

Our Creative Work

We love what we do and we’re good at it. It’s not just about picking a pretty colour, or font, aligning some blocks or sticking to rule of third. We will discover the true message of your brand, squeezing out every bit of its potential to deliver a design masterpiece. To us, something is only beautiful & creative if it serves a purpose and solves a problem.


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